Take over the @thetravelcreatives instagram


We are looking for Traveling Creatives who want to take @TheTravelCreatives community on their next adventure. 

For 24 hours, our instagram is yours. What you do with it is entirely up to you. Take us on a tour of your city. Walk us through your editing workflow. Show us what you do better than anyone else and don't be afraid to show off! 

Most importantly, take us on a journey into your world. We want to see how YOU create!

What we are looking for...

  • Engaging idea or purpose for the takeover
  • Ability to create top notch content for instagram (Stories and Posts)
  • Ability to talk to the camera and record a video giving context to where you are/what you are doing

Submit your idea below.

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Please describe why you should take over @TheTravelCreatives Instagram.

Thanks for applying...

We review all the applications on a weekly basis and will get in touch if we feel there is an opportunity for collaboration. 


Join our growing community on instagram. We are a group of Traveling Creatives who stop at nothing to explore and create on every inch of this earth.


Our art unfailingly connects what we feel to what we know, and creates an experience that transforms our viewers into our friends.


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