_The Team


Alex Broadstock

@Alex_Broadstock  |  LEAD CREATIVE + SNACK LOVER

Both Alex’s artful vision, and penchant for creative collaboration, shape every Travel Creatives’ content drop. As a versatile, packed-and-ready adventurer, his insatiable drive to create new material fuels regular expeditions to all corners of the world, in search of unique capture opportunities.

Favorite Snack:  Pizza Wraps


Rob Berry

@RobBerryPhoto  |  PRODUCER + SLEEPY BOY

Rob distills brand vision into the Travel Creatives’ full stack creative process, from ideation all the way up to publishing. Beginning his career as a street photographer in NYC, he keeps a well-tuned finger on the pulse of creative culture while orchestrating media teams on a global stage.

Favorite Snack: Mochi


Sam Dundas

@sammydee1   |  SUIT + TIE

Sam thrives in environments where he can infuse his colleagues with his passion, focus, and drive; unfettered by bureaucracy. Sam learned enough about the corporate world to know his talents were best suited at a ground level where he could make a difference. Sam's path met Rob & Alex's in Croatia while pursuing his passion for travel and the outdoors. 

Favorite Snack: Budweiser